“Expert Center of the Republic of Armenia” SNCO conducts exclusive examination of the portrait of Kozhevnikov from the cultural assets of Martiros Saryan

Published On: 23.03.2023

Once again, the Department of Cultural Expert Examinations of the “Expert Center of
the Republic of Armenia” SNCO has conducted an exclusive cultural and
technological examination of the portrait painting of Kozhevnikov created by Martiros
Saryan in 1952 (Martiros Saryan is a creator who sparks great interest in the art
market. Through the latest equipment of the Expert Center, as well as in the range of
ultraviolet and infrared radiation, experts examined the facts not visible to the naked
eye, including the layer of paint, the structure of invisible layers, the sketch, the
specifics of the sketch, the comparisons of the features of handwriting of the painter,
the nature of the signature on the graphical work, as well as the combination of paint
skin and other professional examinations. This examination was conducted in the
presence of Sofya Saryan — an art historian, chief fund keeper of the House-
Museum of M. Saryan, granddaughter of M. Saryan and the representatives of the
House-Museum of the painter. At the end of the examination, Sofya Saryan
expressed her gratitude to the experts of the Expert Center and assured that, through
combined efforts, it will be possible to oversee and prevent possible forgeries to a
certain extent.

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