Head of Department – Vache Ninoyan

Born 30.11.1973


From 1980 to 1990   Learned by H.  at Paronian  Secondary School.

From  1990 to 1995  , ­­he studied  physics at the   University of ­Yerevan and graduated from physics qualifications.­

1995-1998   studied at the ­Quantum Electrical Electricity Department of EPE   Physics.

Work Activity

He was admitted to the Experimental Center for The Preliminary­ Justice ­of the United ­States as an  expert in 1999.

­ Graduated from   the ­ Federal Center for ­ Testing in ­the  RD  in 1999.

Since  2003,­  he has worked as a senior  expert at the Experimental Expert Center­ for­ Agricultural Justice.

In 2009, he was appointed head ­of  the United Nations Video  and Computer Technical Inspection Department at the  Experimental  Center of  the State of India.

 During ­ his experimental work, he   received a “Recording Research,” “Computer Technical Examination,” and a number of  other experiments­­­.­

He’s married and has two children.

Types and subtypes of examinations carried out


Photo technical and portrait

Computer equipment

Directions of expert research of the Department of video and computer-technical expertise

04 Video

04-01 Voice and Voice Testing for Deciphering;

04-02 Audio environment, conditions, means, materials, and traces of recordings;

04-03 Voice and Voice Testing for Personal Identification;

04-04 Testing of visuals, video conditions, means, materials, and traces.

05 Photographic and Portrait

05-01 Photographic examination of the photograph;

05-02 Photograph examination for personal portrait identification.

20 Computer Technology

20-01 Network Testing;

20-02 Software Testing;

20-03 Information (also deleted) testing on computers’ hard disks;

20-04 Information (also deleted) testing on hard disks of digital videos;

20-05 Testing (also deleted) information contained in internal memory clicks on mobile phones or tablet computers;

20-06 Information (also deleted) testing contained in other digital memory scissors;

20-07 Testing the meaning of computer devices, their performance, and/or application.