Types and subtypes of examinations performed


Culturological and art studies expertises are interconnected, since the subject of discussion can sometimes be the same, and the difference is the observation of the content of specific issues posed and of more extended questions regarding the subject. That is to say, the content of the expertise, the scope and the direction of questions are determined, depending on the motive of the need for and purpose of expertise and the objectives of the examination. Regardless of the above-listed, the expertise is conducted in accordance with the legal standards and procedures adopted by the Government of the Republic of Armenia.
Types of expertise

Art studies and culturological expertise

1. Fine Arts
2. Decorative-applied Art
3. Book-printed heritage
4. Archaeology
5. Musical instruments
6. Numismatics
7. Carpets

Subject matter
1. painting, sketch drawing, engraving, lithography print, sculpture, iconic images, etc.;
2. objects made of artistic glass and ceramic (porcelain, glazed earthenware, crystal), jewellery, sculptures, etc. made of artistic material;
3. ancient manuscripts and printed books, antique publications, documents, etc.;
4. findings discovered as a result of archaeological studies and excavations, as well as historical-archaeological objects discovered during earthwork, construction, amelioration and other works;
5. string, brass, percussion, keyboard instruments, etc.
6. coins, securities, etc.;
7. carpet, rug, saddlebag, sleeping bag, napped and plain fabrics, taraz, etc.