Head of the Department-Vahan Kazaryan

Born on 15.04.1977


From 1993 to 1998 he studied at the Yerevan Institute of National Economy, having received the qualification of an economist:

Qualification courses in the specialty real estate valuation (qualification certificates NRG 018 issued: 2002, NAGG 265 given: 2008, NAGG 458 issued: 2011, NAGG 147 issued: 2014, qualification certificate NAGG 230 (indefinite, issued on 02/21/2018 By CAAGCPC RA):

Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Armenia 03.08.2018 qualification certificate issued by an expert with two additions in the specialty real estate valuation and construction and technical research:

Labor activity

From 2000 to the present day, he has worked in various state and non-state structures, expert and financial spheres:

Married, has 2 children:

Types and subtypes of examinations carried out

Commodity research, including:

16-01 examination of food, non-food products, biodiversity objects, services, their documents, including cost indicators

16-02 examination of vehicles, agricultural machinery, including their cost indicators

16-03 examination of production or other commodity complexes with complex structural features, including their cost indicators

16-05 examination of real estate, including its cost indicators

16-06 examination of construction materials and works, including their cost indicators

Directions of expert research of the Expertise department for the evaluation of commodity and real estate

Objects of research

  • food and industrial goods (food, clothing, jewelry, tools, appliances-equipment, mechanisms, vehicles, etc.), their samples, product labels,
  • documents containing information about the condition of the goods (certificate, declaration, etching act), transportation (transportation invoice, receipt of receipt of cargo), quality characteristics at acceptance (acceptance certificate, conclusion of conformity of the quality of the goods, act of revaluation, etc.), as well as storage (storage conditions) ,
  • documents and initial data on criminal and civil cases that do not require legal assessment
  • buildings, structures, structures, engineering structures, their complexes, structural elements of buildings at the stage of design, operation, reconstruction, demolition and construction,
  • the construction works carried out and the construction materials used in their execution
  • apartments, public and industrial areas, residential buildings and land plots in multi-apartment residential buildings:

Research problems

  • assessment of food and industrial goods,
  • determination of the amount of damage caused,
  • establishment of conformity of products in terms of quality and configuration with the requirements of standards, specifications or other regulatory documents, quality certificates or reference samples,
  • clarification of the nature / presence of defects and their impact on the quality of product quality changes,
  • determination of the actual characteristics of the quality of goods and records / labeling / compliance on its label,
  • the determination of the belonging of individual units or a set of goods to one group (brand, type, type) ,
  • establishing the conformity of the quality indicators of the goods and the actual characteristics of the goods specified in the accompanying sales documents,
  • establishing compliance / non-compliance / compliance of the packaging with regulatory requirements,
  • Establishing compliance of the conditions of transportation of products with GOST (AST), TP and other regulatory documents,
  • establishing compliance of the conditions and terms of storage of products with regulatory requirements,
  • determining the market value of real estate, determining the shares in the total market value, determining the market value of rental real estate: