Head of the Department -Aram Hambartsumyan

Born on 23.06.1975


I graduated from the bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering   of PEF  in
1996  with < equipment>

Master of the same faculty in 1998.

Work Activity

Since 1999   , he has worked at < PEF Experimental Center> PUB as an expert in the  Department of  Psychological and Explosive Testing.

As head of the department in the same department  since 2012.

He’s married and has four children.

Types and subtypes of examinations carried out

07. Logical, including:

07-01 firearms and its bullets

07-02  Gunshot wounds and traces,  shooting circumstances

07-03 Chemical traces of fireworks and  fragments

08. Explosive, including:

08-01 explosives,  explosive products, and traces

08-02 Traces of war equipment, explosive devices, and their explosions

Directions of expert research of the Department of Ballistic and explosive expertise

Investigation of firearms and firearms

Research Objects

  • factory and self-employed firearms,
  • modified and atypical weapons,
  • weapons,
  • fired balls and bags,
  • traces of firearms and other objects,
  • pneumatic weapons.

The Problems of Research


  • the determination of firearms or objects researching weapons.


  • the type of weapon, the dimension of the model,
  • the method of making weapons (factory or self-contained),
  • the decision of the usefulness of weapons devices and shooting,
  • the firearms of the weapon,
  • the modification of weapons and the change in the parts in it,
  • in specific circumstances, without pressing the trigger,
  • the type of bullets and the model (balls, bags),
  • to find out the usefulness of bullets for shooting,
  • the way hunting bullets are charged (factory or self-contained).


  • with bullets, balls, bags of weapons,
  • the determination of a specific sample of weapons with traces of balls and bags fired,
  • the belongings of details to a specific firearm,
  • the transplantation of fired bags and balls.


  • the direction and distance of the fire,
  • the dimension of the injury-causing ball,
  • the discovery of firefighting fragments,
  • the mutual position of a weapon and a damaged object at the time of the shooting,
  • to find out the fact of gunshot wounds on the ban.

Technical Testing

Research Objects

  • explosives,
  • the means of explosion,
  • explosive devices,
  • the traces of the explosion.

The Problems of Research

  • the property, type, label, manufacturing country, manufacturing method, usage,
  • to identify the use of an object that is an explosive material,
  • the decision to use an explosion tool,
  • the clarification of the preparation method,
  • the mechanism for injury caused by an explosion on objects,
  • the presence of explosives on objects, its type, its explosion home, and so on.