Head of the Department – Samvel Afyan

Born on 16.07.1968


Graduated from the  Architectural Engineering Institute of Architecture in Armenia  in 1994.

Graduated from  the  University of Yerevan  in 2006.

He earned the qualifications of the Judicial Expert of the Ministry of Justice in 2007.

In 2012  , he earned the  qualifications of  the  State  Committee of Agriculture and Agri-Food Assignments for Cartographer,  Geodeticist,  And   Registrar  .

In 2016, he earned the qualifications of the Judicial Expert of the  National Academy  of Sciences.

Work Activity

1993-1994   Hydraulic Hydroelectric Engineer;

1995-2000 Yerevan JEK PBB, head of metals and  boiling sites;

2006-2015 Director of the PUB’s   Laboratory for Construction Technical Research;

2016-2017 Expert in the PUB Construction Research Department of the  National Bureau of Investigation;

2022 Head of the POK Experimental Center

He’s married and has seven children.

Types and subtypes of examinations carried out

13. Construction technology, including:

13-01. Testing of road construction and other construction objects for buildings, buildings, engineering structures,

13-02. Testing of civil documents for road construction and other construction objects of buildings, buildings, engineering structures.

Directions of expert research of the Department of construction and technical expertise

Construction Testing

Research Objects

  • buildings, structures, buildings, engineering structures, their facilities, functional related lands,
  • apartments, areas, residential homes and their lands in residential buildings,
  • project-prediction documents, construction contracts, performance, covered work and testing codes for implemented work;
  • the nature, volume, quality, and building materials for construction,
  • The newly developed codes, standards, information, instructions,
  • the whole of real estate and its rights, injuries to real estate, their nature and sources of production,
  • documents and data available in criminal and civil cases that do not require judicial evaluation

The Problems of Research

  • clarifying the compatibility of buildings, buildings, reconstruction, repair work, projects, technical documents,
  • the technical possibility of dividing real estate, dividing and division between divisions,
  • questions related to damage caused by injuries to real estate, causes of them, and determination of sources.