Congratulations of the Director of the SNCO “Expert Center of the Republic of Armenia” David Gulyan on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Armenia

“Dear compatriots!,

Congratulations on the 32nd anniversary of the Declaration of Independence:

32 years ago, 1990, the Declaration of Independence adopted by the Supreme Council of Armenia on August 23 marked the beginning of the process of establishing independent statehood:

It marked the beginning of a new historical stage in the life of our people, paving a new bright path to a real independent Armenia, to a new and bright history:

Today we are an independent state that has a biography created by trials and victories, a citizen constantly developing it, an army protecting it:

The Declaration of Independence of Armenia is an unlimited document, because the independence proclaimed by it is in itself an insurmountable value:

The anniversary of the Declaration of Independence is a binding impulse to work and create, to be responsible and disciplined, to build a cohesive and cohesive, really strong country:

I am confident that through the achievements of the difficult path we have passed, through joint efforts we will be able to preserve, resist all challenges and unshakably continue our march of independence, remaining faithful and being defenders of our independence, our statehood, our identity.

Congratulations to all of us on August 23.”

Director: David Gulyan