Video conference held with participation of Davit Ghulyan – discussion on establishment of Interstate Council of Heads of Forensic Expert Examination Bodies of CIS Member States and on agreement

Published On: 08.02.2023

On 21-22 September, the Executive Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) held a video conference and off-line discussion on the draft Agreement on the Establishment of an Interstate Council of Heads of Forensic Expert Examination Bodies of CIS member states.
Director of the “Expertise Center of the Republic of Armenia” SNCO Davit Ghulyan, Head of the Division of Handwriting and Documentary Examinations Vahe Grigoryan and Assistant to Director Martin Aleksanyan participated as representatives of the Republic of Armenia.
During the video conference, Director of the Center Davit Ghulyan and representatives of other member states submitted their opinions and recommendations on the Agreement, highly appreciating the importance of the Agreement in the sector, as a result of which the co-operation in the field of forensic expert examination will contribute to strengthening of the co-operation of the parties and to the ensuring of exchange of experience, as well as effective, co-ordinated and multifaceted partnership between the parties.
Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Forensic Expertise of Belarus Alexander Lashin, who also chaired the meeting, as well as the heads of forensic expert examination bodies of Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and CIS Member States participated in the discussion. After the general discussion, the participants of the meeting finalised and agreed on the draft Agreement, taking into consideration the comments and suggestions of the Member States.

Director of the Center Davit Ghulyan greeted the participants of the video conference and noted that the discussion will definitely be effective as it addresses a number of current issues, and new paths for joint solution to those issues will be outlined within the framework of the ensuring of sustainable development of the sector.

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