Students of Yerevan Gladzor University pass internship in subdivisions of Expertise Centre

Published On: 05.04.2024

Five 4th year students of the “Forensic Expert Examination” Bachelor’s Degree Programme of Yerevan Gladzor University passed an 8-week pre-graduation internship at the “Expertise Centre of the Republic of Armenia”. In the course of the internship, the students were introduced to the history, structure and activities of the Centre and the Departments conducting expert examinations. During the internship, with the direct participation and under direct supervision of the heads of the Archaeology, Ballistic and Documentation Examinations Departments of the Centre, the students participated in various types of expert examinations, including on-site inspection, forensic photo survey, handwriting, documentation, archaeology, as well as ballistic expert examinations and became familiar with the devices and equipment acquired by the Centre and their capacities. The eight-week internship gave the students the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge gained during the 4 years at the University into practice and follow the activities of specialists and the final results of expert examinations. On the last day of the internship, Director of the Centre Davit Ghulyan hosted Head of the Career Centre of Yerevan Gladzor University Elisa Hovhannisyan, expert of the “Centre for Criminalistic Expert Examinations” at Yerevan Gladzor University Hamlet Gharibyan, as well as the students who had passed the internship for graduation. The Director of the Centre welcomed the choice that the young people have made in terms of profession and expressed hope that in the future they will join the ranks of high-class specialists. It should be mentioned that the internship was conducted within the framework of the Memorandum of Co-operation signed between the “Expertise Centre of the Republic of Armenia” State Non-Commercial Organisation and Yerevan Gladzor University many years ago.


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