Students of Faculty of Chemistry of Yerevan State University hosted for conducting their practical and laboratory classes at Expertise Centre

Published On: 22.11.2023

In order to conduct practical and laboratory classes within the scope of teaching the subject “Criminology Materials Science”, the students of the 4th year of the Faculty of Chemistry at Yerevan State University, accompanied by lecturer Arsen Azizyan, visited the Expertise Centre. During the visit, the students had a meeting with Director of the Centre Davit Gulyan, who introduced the students to the structure and activities of the Centre, the types of expert examinations held and their importance. The future specialists addressed their questions to Director Davit Ghulyan and received exhaustive answers. During the practical and laboratory classes, the students learned about the methods and peculiarities of the expert examinations conducted by the Centre in the field of materials science, the subjects of resolved issues and the equipment acquired by the Centre which meets the modern requirements. The Expertise Centre expresses its willingness to host students from other universities as well.

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