New equipment will help to conduct fingerprint expert examination in only 3 minutes instead of the previous 2 hours

Published On: 08.02.2024

From now on, the Division for Traceological Expert Examinations of the “Expertise Centre of the Republic of Armenia” State Non-Commercial Organisation will conduct more precise fingerprint expert examinations due to the equipment of the new generation that the Division has acquired. The fingerprint will be scanned and digitised electronically through the use of the device, which in its turn will help to confirm or refute identification of the person in question. It should be mentioned that the same examination was previously conducted mechanically, by taking the fingerprints of a person on paper with appropriate materials, but the new device allows the specialist to conduct the same examination in a shorter period of time: whereas it was conducted mechanically in 2 hours, then it is conducted only in 1 to 3 minutes through the use of this device. If necessary, a fingerprint identification expert examination shall be appointed and the “DACTO” card (document) shall be provided upon request of a natural person for submission to the Police of the Republic of Armenia, the embassies of foreign countries and a number of state and international institutions.

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