Expertise Centre replenished with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment.

Published On: 19.02.2024

The Materials Science, Fire Engineering and Electrical Engineering Examinations Department of the “Expertise Centre of the Republic of Armenia” State Non-Commercial Organisation has been replenished with new equipment. From now on, the Centre will carry out:

Detection of the internal electrical network, which will create an opportunity to draw up a scheme for installation of hidden cables and communication wires.

Detection of the damaged sections of hidden cables and communication wires installed through dismantling.

Adjustment and verification of parameters of earthing structures for outdoor and indoor installation.

Complete testing of the quality of the power supplied (up to 1000 volts), as well as testing and analysis of the indices of power generated from the stations, including solar stations.

Detection of invisible cables installed up to 6m deep in the premises, without reconnaissance works and determination of alignments.

Complete analysis of the parameters of charging stations for electric vehicles.

Testing of the quality, completeness of cables and communication wires and the resistance of the insulating layer.

Calculation of short circuit power in each section (up to 1000 volts) in auto mode. The laboratory that conducts biological expert examinations has also been updated and has acquired the latest devices, due to which it will be possible to conduct a new expert examination that will help to find out the age and height of a tree.

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