“Expertise Centre of the Republic of Armenia” SNCO conducted exclusive expert examination for identification of author’s written speech for the first time.

Published On: 13.11.2023

The Expertise Centre has launched an expert examination for the identification of the author’s written speech. The author expert examination is appointed when it is necessary to find out who the author of the text is and the conditions in which the expert examination has been conducted. The main purpose of the author expert examination is to provide answers to the following questions:

Is this person the author of the text?

Are a number of texts written by the same author?

Did the author write the particular text through dictation or rewriting (such questions arise especially in cases of blackmail, extortion, kidnapping, dictating on the part of the investigator-the body conducting the proceedings)? If as a result of the author expert examination it turns out that the author and the writer of the text are the same person or are different persons, it is sufficient to confirm the fact of use of dictation or rewriting of the executor.

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