Expertise Centre is offering new opportunities in the field of handwriting; Senior Expert Nina Mesropyan visits “Federal Forensic Examination” Centre of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation

Published On: 31.10.2023

From 23 to 27 October, within the framework of a scientific-practical visit for training purposes, Senior Expert of the Department of Handwriting and Documentary Examination of the “Expertise Centre of the Republic of Armenia” State Non-Commercial Organisation Nina Mesropyan paid a visit to the Division for Forensic Handwriting Examination of the “Federal Forensic Examination” Centre under the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation, which also carries out scientific activities. During the visit, internship was conducted with regard to the topic of “Modern Issues of Handwriting and Signature”, and she took part in the discussion on expert examinations in particularly important cases, examined the application of programmatic complexes and quantitative methods in forensic handwriting, discussed the problematic issues with respect to the conduct of examinations with the carbon copies of objects under examination and their practical application, as well as important issues related to the diagnosis of unusual execution of handwriting. During the visit, Nina Mesropyan acquired methodological manuals related to the execution of authored expert examinations and explored the peculiarities of their execution. Due to her high professional capabilities, the expert, acting as a responsible, conscientious and contemplative specialist, was awarded a Certificate of Improvement of Qualification by the “Federal Forensic Examination” Centre.

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