Expert examination of confusingly similar trademarks to be conducted

Published On: 06.07.2023

The equipment of the latest generation — acquired by the “Expert Center of the
Republic of Armenia” State Non-Commercial Organisation (SNCO) — has helped
provide the opportunity to replenish — with new types and areas of expertise — the
expert examinations and studies, already being conducted. As a result of the active
collaboration of the Departments of Psychological, Linguistic and Cultural Expert
Examinations, for the first time ever, the Expert Center has conducted a complex
expert examination for the evaluation of confusingly similar trademarks. The aim of
expert examination of this sub-type is to refute or confirm — based on precise
professional substantiations — the similarities that are considered during court
disputes, and this may mislead consumers. Within the scope of such expert
examinations, the linguistic features of names (meaning, word formation, usage,
etc.), as well as graphic design, logo and other distinctive marks subject to cultural
examination, shall be studied.

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