Expert Center to conduct forensic-linguistic (linguistic) expert examinations for the first time

Published On: 05.04.2023

The Department of Video Recording and Computer-Technical Expertises of the
"Expert Center of the Republic of Armenia" SNCO will conduct forensic-linguistic
examinations of written speech for the first time. With its professional features, this
type of expert examination is current and in high demand. It will allow the linguist-
expert to examine the written or verbal speech sent for examination, enshrine the
linguistic features, collocations, peculiarities, as well as provide substantiated
answers to the posed questions and, consequently, formulate and provide an expert
opinion. While conducting a linguistic examination of the verbal or written speech
sent for expert examination, all the sections of linguistics such as phonetics,
lexicography, word formation, grammar, stylistics, etc. are taken into consideration.

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