Examination of soil quality indicators to be conducted from now on

Published On: 14.04.2023

The equipment of the latest generation — acquired with the support of the
Government — has helped improve the effectiveness of the expert studies of the
Expert Center, and this has contributed to expansion of the sub-types of expert
examinations being conducted and to reduction of the periods for conduct of the
expert examinations.

This is of significant importance for supporting the increase of effectiveness of the
activities of criminal prosecution bodies and bodies implementing justice. In order to
ensure a higher qualitative indicator, now it is possible to also conduct examination of


the following types of soil:
morphological features of the soil;
determination of hydroscopic water in the soil;
determination of the mechanical composition of the soil;
examination of the organic substances of the soil;
examination of the chemical features of the soil (carbonation and pH);
determination of easily hydrolysable nitrogen of the soil;
determination of active phosphorus in carbonate soils;
determination of exchangeable potassium;
determination of the chemical elements of soil.

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