Certificates of completion granted to participants of the training "Pricing and preparation of cost estimate in the construction sector in the Republic of Armenia"

Published On: 10.03.2023

Arman Arsenyan, Samvel Afyan and Arsen Vasilyan – Sahakyan — experts of the
Department of Construction and Technical Expertise of the "Expert Center of the
Republic of Armenia" SNCO — took part in the training course on "Pricing and


preparation of cost estimate in the construction sector in the Republic of Armenia",
which was organised by the National University of Architecture and Construction of
Armenia. As a result of the course, the experts gained comprehensive knowledge on
the theoretical foundations of pricing and cost estimate standardisation in the
construction sector. During the course, they learned the basic methods for
determining the costs of construction products, got acquainted with the scheme of
principles for determining the cost estimate of construction products, the sample
forms, the main legal acts and standardised documents, as well as the rules for
determination of the volumes of construction and assemblage works. The experts
gained skills for application of the standardised cost estimate database of the
Republic of Armenia, for determination of unit values for specific works, as well as for
drawing up local, facility and brief cost estimates that will go on to help the experts to
improve their professional skills and abilities. Due to the interactive nature of the
course, the experts had the opportunity to discuss several practical questions with
the lecturer. At the end of the course, certificates were granted to all the participants.
Financing for the experts who participated in the course was provided by the Expert

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