Congratulations of the Director of the SNCO “Expert Center of the Republic of Armenia ” David Ghoulyan on the occasion of the anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Artsakh

Dear compatriots!,

1991. On the occasion of this historic day- the Day of the Republic of Artsakh, I cordially congratulate the heroic people of Artsakh and our compatriots living in different parts of the world:
It is no secret to anyone that the achievement of Artsakh’s independence is one of the greatest achievements of Armenian history, which became possible thanks to the unity of all Armenians, the victorious spirit of our heroes and the firm will of the Armenian people to control their fate.:
Honor and glory to our heroes who fought and were immortalized in the name of the Motherland:
The holiday is granted, the wall of Mother Armenia is Artsakh, the dignity of an Armenian, Artsakh.

Director: David Gulyan