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Head of Department - Ara Armen Bagdasaryan


Types and subtypes of expert analyses performed

16. Product analysis, including:

16-01 evaluation of products,

16-02 statement of damage,

16-03 quality analysis.


Directions of expert analyses of the Department of product expertises

Product analysis


Objects of analysis

- food and industrial products (food, clothing, jewellery, tools, devices and equipments, mechanisms, vehicles, etc.), their samples, markings about the product type,
- documents that contain information on the condition of the product (certificate, declaration, deficiency act), on the carriage thereof (carriage invoice, receipt on the acceptance of freight), on the qualitative characteristics of freight upon acceptance (transfer-acceptance act, opinion on the conformity of product quality, reevaluation act, etc), as well as on the storage (storage conditions),
- procedural documents (protocol of inspection, expert opinion, other statements, announcements).

Tasks of analysis

- Evaluation of food and industrial products,
- statement of damage inflicted,
- by quality and completeness determination of conformity of the product to the requirements of standards, technical conditions or other regulatory documents, quality certificates or reference standards,
- determination of the essence of change of product quality (detection of defects and their impact on the product quality),
- determination of conformity of the actual specifications of the product quality and of markings on the label,
- determination of belonging to individual units of products or the same group of the bulk (stamp, type, sort),
- determination of conformity of the product quality indicators and of the actual characteristics of the product listed in the accompanying document with the purpose of realization,
- determination of conformity (non-conformity) of packaging with regulatory requirements,
- determination of conformity of carriage conditions of product with GOST (AST), TC, etc.,
- determination of conformity of product storage terms and conditions with regulatory requirements.

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