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Head of Department - Vahe Arshak Grigoryan


Types and subtypes of expert analyses performed


01. Handwriting

03. Documentary, including:

03-01 method and means of document preparation,

-restoration of original content,
-sequence of drawing up parts,
-polygraphic product,
-seals and stamps,
-ascertainment of identification fact,
-ascertainment of text content,
-torn and burnt documents,
-banknotes and stocks,

03-02 identification of document material,

03-03 other objects.


Directions of expert analyses of the Department of  handwriting and documents expertise


Handwriting expert analysis

Objects of analysis

- Written texts,
- handwritten notes,
- numeric notes,
- signatures.

Tasks of analysis

- determination of the author of handwriting (text, note taking, including numeric) and signature,
- ascertainment of the fact of whether handwritten texts or their separate fragments, signatures, text and signature has been done by the same person or by different persons.


- determination of unusual conditions for handwriting and for affixing signature (external and internal).


Forensic and technical analysis of documents

Objects of analysis

- Printed texts,
- marks of stamps and seals,
- erased texts (notes) and texts (notes) not visible to naked eye, signatures, graphic and numeric notes,
- banknotes and stocks,
- torn and burnt documents,
- polygraphic product,
- typewritten texts, writing substance,
- printing inks, etc.


Tasks of analysis


- identification of special technical means for documents or their particular parts (writing machines, writing instruments, stamps and seals, etc.),
- restoration of the whole of torn and disintegrated documents,
- identification of material of documents (paper, cardboard, writing substance, glue, etc.).


- clarification of the mode of preparation of documents or its parts,
- clarification of the change in the original content of a document and mode of that change (strikethrough, mechanical erasure and etching, adding and re-print, etc.),
- restoration of the content of erased and vaguely expressed documents,
- determination of chronological sequence of drawing up parts of document, including also crossing lines,
- determination of the source of origin of a document,
- determination of prescription of handwritten notes by ball pen.

New laboratory equipment

«Leica M125» stereomicroscope


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