State Non-Profit Organisation


Head of Department - Araik Davit Karapetyan


Types and subtypes of analyses performed

12. Fire-technical
17. Electrotechnical








Directions of expert analyses of the Department of fire-technical and electrotechnical expertise

Fire-technical expert analysis


Objects of analysis


- Scene of fire,
- materials and objects detected in the scene of fire,
- electric wires, electrical protection and electric devices,
- point of fire (source of fire).

Tasks of analysis

- Clarification of the point of fire,
- clarification of the scene of fire and path of its propagation,
- clarification of the reasons of fire,
- determination of conformity of electric network in the scene of fire with the established norms.



Electrotechnical expertise


Objects of analysis

- power supply systems;
- electrical installations and devices;

Tasks of analysis


- Establishment of compliance of electrical installations and electric consumers with current standards and standards;
- Identify the causes of electrical damage, electroporation and their mechanisms.



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