State Non-Profit Organisation

Head of Department - Vahram Hovhannes Safaryan


Type of expert analysis performed

13. Construction and technical, including:

13-01 construction and technical,

13-02 the valuation of building.






Directions of expert analyses of the Department of construction and technical expertise

Construction and technical analysis


Objects of analysis

- Buildings, structures, constructions, engineering structures, their complexes, functionally-related lands in the process of designing, exploiting, demolishing, reconstructing, demolishing and constructing,
- apartments in blocks of flats, spaces, dwellings and their lots, constructive elements of constructions,
- design and estimate documents, construction work contracts, acts of completion, of covered works and of testing,
- nature, volume, quality of completed works and construction materials necessary for the completion thereof,
- regulatory acts, standards, statements, instructions in force in the sphere of urban development of the Republic of Armenia,
- immovable property together with rights towards them, damages inflicted on immovable property, the nature of damages and their sources,
- documents and data available in criminal and civil cases requiring no legal assessment.

Tasks of analysis

- determination of conformity of construction, reconstruction, repairing works of buildings, constructions with designs, normative-technical documents,
- valuation of immovable property and shares, determination of the size of lease payment for immovable property, determination of the technical capacity of the division of immovable property among shareholders, of separation and division of already divided properties,
- issues related to the determination of the damage inflicted due to damages caused to immovable property, of reasons of their occurrence and sources.

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