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Head of Department - Aram Nazar Hambardzumyan

Types and subtypes of analyses performed

07. Ballistic, including:

07-01 firearm and ammunition,

07-02 shot traces and effects,

08. Explosion and technical, including:

08-01 explosive devices and ammunition,

08-02 analysis of explosion traces and effects.



Directions of expert analyses of the Department of ballistic and explosive expertise

Expert analysis of traces caused by firearm and shot


Objects of analysis


Factory and homemade firearms for various intended use,

- modified and atypical weapons,
- ammunition,
- fired balls and shells
- clothes and other objects with traces of firearm,
- airguns.

Tasks of analysis


- determination of belonging of an analysed object to firearm or ammunition.


- determination of weapon type and caliber of the model,
- determination of the mode of weapon's manufacturing (factory or homemade),
- determination of operability or durability of weapons,
- firepower of a weapon,
- ascertainment of the fact of modification of weapon and change in the parts therein,
- in particular conditions determination of the possibility of making a shot by a weapon without moving the trigger,
- determination of type and model of cartridges (balls, shells),
- determination of durability of cartridges for shooting,
- clarification of the mode of charging of hunting cartridges (factory or homemade).



- determination of the type of weapon by cartridges, balls and shells,
- determination of particular type of weapon by traces available on balls and shells,
- belonging of parts to a certain type of weapon,
- interconnectedness of fired shells and balls.



- determination of direction and distance of the shot made,
- determination of caliber of a ball causing injury,
- detection of effects of shots,
- determination of relative position of weapon and damaged object at the moment of shooting,
- ascertainment of the fact of availability of weapon injury on an obstacle.



- restoration of annihilated factory markings and engravings on a weapon.

Fire-technical analysis

Objects of analysis

- Explosive materials,
- means of explosion,
- explosion devices,
- traces of explosion.

Tasks of analysis


- Determination of belonging of a questioned object to explosive material, type, stamp, manufacturing country, manufacturing method, operational method,
- determination of the sphere of application of a questioned object deemed to be an explosive material,
- determination of durability for use of means of explosion,
- clarification of the manufacturing method,
- determination of a mechanism for occurrence of damages on objects as a result of explosion,
- determination of availability of an explosive material on objects, its type and source of explosion, etc.

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